Our mission at the Montana Volleyball Academy is to develop a sporting culture of exceptional work ethic based in a mutual love and respect for teammates, opponents and the game itself. MVA will establish a supportive environment in which young people are provided a comprehensive and dynamic education in the life-long sport of volleyball. MVA is dedicated to enhancing and developing values that foster leadership, responsibility, self-discipline and an appreciation for health and wellness. 

To achieve this mission, MVA will work to:

  • Generate a staff of tremendously qualified coaches, who consistently demonstrate the highest level of personal conduct and integrity. 
  • Inspire young student-athletes to work towards fulfilling their greatest potential as volleyball players, students and proactive community leaders.
  • Create and sustain a positive, competitive atmosphere in which all members of MVA are challenged and encouraged to emphasize self-worth, mutual respect, sportsmanship and team work. 
  • Provide appropriate competitive opportunities for teams of every level with in MVA. 
  • Work towards recognition as the premier “teaching” club in the state of Montana through cohesive and cooperative interaction among the coaching staff, and the provision of practices which develop the highest possible level of technique in both individual skills and team strategy.