MVA will hold open tryouts each year to select players for our teams. Our tryouts will comply with Evergreen Region policies that include player pre-registration, tryout date guidelines and tryout fees.  

  • Be sure to get there early. Thirty minutes before the scheduled start time is best.  
  • Contact us to let us know if you will be arriving late because you are coming from another tryout. 
  • Wear something colorful or bright so that coaches can identify you even if they can’t see your number. 
  • Great effort turns heads and is remembered. Avoid being tentative in your play but know the difference between being aggressive and playing recklessly. 
  • Let the lead tryout coach know if you are trying out while injured or have to leave early for whatever reason. 
  • Talk to us before or after tryouts as much as you want! We value the opportunity to answer any of your questions. 


Playing Up: 

MVA asks that everyone tryout at their appropriate age level. There are some occasions where MVA asks a player if they would like to join a roster above their appropriate age level but this decision is solely at the discretion of MVA and its directors. Players that have interest in playing above their age level may contact MVA before tryouts for consultation.  

The Selection Process: 

MVA will look to keep roster sizes to a minimum number to promote more playing time for those on the team. Red and Elite teams will have a maximum of 9 players. National  teams will have a minimum of 9 and maximum of 11. We will have multiple coaches evaluating players during our tryouts. Each year during tryouts we consider every athlete as a prospective player. Players that can not attend tryouts due to extenuating circumstances can still be considered for a roster as long as club management is notified beforehand. We will evaluate as best as we can during the duration of the tryout. Selection will be based upon the following criteria: 

  • A player’s performance during the tryout - skill level, effort, competitiveness and interaction with other athletes. 
  • Our perception of that player’s athletic potential – what she may be able to do over the course of the season. 
  • Our perception of the coachability of the player. 
  • Evaluations of players during the past club season, camps or the current high school season. 
  • Being in good standing with the Montana Volleyball Academy and USA Volleyball. 
  • Past history of parental involvement or behavior.  


MVA will form teams over the following week and make initial calls to offer roster spots. Depending player acceptance of initial calls, additional rounds of calls be will made until rosters are completed. Players who are selected for an MVA team will be required to attend a meeting with their parent or guardian to sign contracts and make initial deposits. The time and location of the meeting along with specific deposit amount will be discussed during initial phone call. MVA will not notify players who have not made a roster. MVA encourages athletes to try out for multiple clubs to ensure that the athlete can get placed on the team that best suits their needs. Parents are encouraged to call to inquire about the status of a player’s application during the process.


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