Earn $$$ for your MVA Tuition

Get ready for the KornUtopia Gourmet Popcorn Sale!  KornUtopia has a store in Missoula, MT and is excited to work with our athletes!

MVA is always striving to help athletes and their families work toward their volleyball goals.


Instructions and Helpful Information 

1. Keep a record of your sales on the Sales Record Forms.

  • PLEASE use the forms that are for this sale. It makes it so much easier for the administrator. (download order form above)
  • Legibly fill in name and information. Be certain you can read all entries for the administrator to make deliveries easier. 
  • Fill in appropriate box for items selected with the quantity and please total columns and rows when you finish each form. 
  • Always collect payment at the time of sale. For customers writing checks, have checks payable to MVA. 
  • Payment MUST be submitted with your orders. 

2. Sales begin TODAY!  Orders must be turned in no later than Thursday, Feb. 20. You can drop off  your order forms and money with Nate at your daughters practice time until Feb. 20. If you cannot make it by that date and need to make other arrangements to drop off  orders, please contact Nate. Please be sure they print correctly and you put name/contact information on it. 

3. Pick up date:  This sale will be a bit more fluid than our other sales.  It takes 2 weeks for KornUtopia to make the product and will depend on how many other orders they have going and how many participants we have. It may be well shortened. All items will need to be picked up right away. The vendor will try to give us ample planing time, but some times it is a very short notice.  Please be expecting to pick up items between Mar. 5-12. 

Order Pick Up: KornUtopia does not sort our orders for us. When the orders is filled, Nate will pick it up, sort it, set a delivery date/place, and contact all athletes. If you are not going to be able to pick up your items on the delivery date, you will need to contact Nate to make other arrangements. 

4. Funds raised will go directly into your account toward your 2020 MVA Club dues. Players will receive 100% of total profit. All profit is dependent on the wholesale/retail cost of items. Please note: any unused funds during the MVA 2020 season will go to the MVA scholarship fund.   

5. Need help or have questions?  Please contact Nate by phone at 406-273-1334 or by email at nate@gomva. com, email is best.  

Keep in mind that there are other groups who out fundraising right now too, so get out as soon as you can!!  Start your sales by contacting friends, neighbors, family, and colleagues.  You can do this in person, by phone, by email, or spread the word via social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or even post to online communities you are part of.  Remember to be in touch with people who have purchased from you in the past. 

Please remember that while selling, you are representing Montana Volleyball Academy.  Good luck to all of you and Go MVA!!!