2021 Season Price Breakdown

Without a tournament schedule to properly plan for MVA will be changing its pricing structure for the 2021 season.

Start Up Fee

Upon acceptance of a spot on an MVA Training Pod, families will pay an initial start-up fee. This payment is non-refundable and will cover membership costs, tryout and initial gym costs and MVA business expenses.

Monthly Payments

Families will be billed on a month to month basis to cover coaches monthly stipends and gym costs. This cost will vary per training pod based on the number of practices per month.

Tournament Costs

Tournament costs will applied to family accounts after the player’s registration for those events. Tournament costs will vary based upon the entry fee of the event, hotel stay and number of players/staff on the tournament roster.

MVA 18 PREMIER$275.00$150.00
MVA 16 PREMIER$275.00$125.00
MVA 16 SELECT$275.00$100.00
MVA 14 PREMIER$275.00$100.00
MVA 14 SELECT$275.00$100.00
*Monthly Costs may vary depending on upcoming practice schedule.
  • The MVA season will begin in January and looks to conclude in May. The 16 Premier training pod will have the option of registering for the Girls Junior National Championships in early July.
  • Families can terminate their season at any time with out financial obligation to pay the remaining months of the season.
  • Players that terminate their season early will not be released by MVA to participate with another club volleyball team.
  • All tournaments are voluntary. You will not be billed for a tournament you do not attend.