What’s New in 2021

MVA has modified its usual Competitive Season to accommodate the uncertainty of the current COVID-19 situation. We are dedicated to deliver quality volleyball training to our athletes. Our goal is provide a safe, secure environment where athletes can still receive all the benefits of being active through sport.


Click Here for complete MVA tryout information. MVA will have multiple tryouts for each age group so it can keep group numbers to an appropriate size.

12 & UNDER / 14 & Under
  • The U14 and U12 age groups will tryout together.
  • MVA will have multiple scheduled tryout times available. Each tryout will be capped at 20 players.
  • After initial evaluation at the first tryout, players will be called an invited back to an additional tryout for final evaluations.
16 & UNDER / 18 & UNDER
  • MVA’s high school aged teams will tryout by position. Setters, Middle Blockers, Liberos, etc.
  • Potential athletes can tryout for multiple positions.


MVA will not be forming traditional teams as it has in the past. Instead MVA will place athletes into training pods after tryouts. These training pods will consist of 18-20 players selected by their appropriate skill level. MVA will have one training pod at the U18 age group, two training pods at the U16 age group and two training pods that combine the U14 and U12 age groups. Training Pods will meet 2or 3 times per week for practice. Each Training Pod will consist of enough of each position to field two complete teams.

Purpose of Training Pods

The training pods will give MVA, its athletes and families a lot of flexibility as we go through the season. Due to most schools and gyms not being available for tournaments throughout Montana, Idaho and Washington, there isn’t a definitive tournament schedule to plan for. As tournaments start to arise throughout the season, MVA will allow players and families to accept or decline their participation in those events. MVA acknowledges that without being able to plan for tournaments months in advance, not all players will be available for all events. We also want to allow families flexibility with what they are comfortable with without affecting the team’s ability to compete. This new process will also provide even more flexibility for athletes to participate in other sports.

As each tournament becomes available, MVA will open registration for those events within the training pod. If the training pod has full participation, MVA will enter two teams into the event. If the training pod only has partial participation, MVA will form one team to enter into the tournament. No more than 11 players will be sent to any tournament for playing time purposes.

The training pod’s coaches and staff will constantly be evaluating players all season long to determine its first and second roster. The rosters will be fluid for the entire season. We hope that this format will promote a great competitive environment for each training pod.

MVA Training Pod Descriptions

All Training Pods will have one Master Coach and two Training Coaches per group. MVA hopes to field the following pods;



Without a tournament schedule to properly plan for MVA will be changing its pricing structure for the 2021 season.

  • Upon acceptance of a spot on an MVA Training Pod, families will pay an initial start-up fee.
  • Families will be billed on a month to month basis to cover coaches monthly stipends and gym costs.
  • Tournaments will applied to family accounts after the player’s registration for those events.